A Quick Look at Unusual Poker/Battle App Wartime X

10 March 2017, Created By: PokerListings.com
A Quick Look at Unusual Poker/Battle App Wartime X

Poker’s overwhelming popularity on the app store has led to hordes of free-to-play trash but it’s rare when a company actually brings something new to the table.

Sumo Fox’s Wartime X, at the very least, accomplishes that.

The game is hard to describe but it involves poker hands, 1v1 battles and a cybernetic T-Rex.

The crux of the game play is that you have three cards and you’re attempting to lay down a card with more value than your opponent (ace beats king etc.) but you can also form pairs, flushes and straights to really pummel your enemies.

Occasionally you’ll have more than three cards but you always have to discard down to three.

The game doesn’t have much in common with Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha or Stud but you could make the argument it has some similarities to Three Card Brag or Blackjack.

Hunting Two-Card Flushes

Play a lot of Wartime X and you’ll likely get very good at spotting straights, flushes and pairs, which makes it sad that straight flushes aren’t represented. Strangely you can make a two card flush but not a two-card straight.

Wartime X game play
Typical Wartime X game play.

There is a lot going in Wartime X as you have access to (rather cheesy) characters like Dark Blade, Luna and Spark Plug.

You’ll be able to level up and then gain abilities or items that can help sway a game in your favor. Gamers will feel right at home.

There are also a large number of modes with a storyline (for both heroes and villains), multi-player and a PVP arena.

The game moves pretty fast (it's one of the main selling points) but the entire experience is dragged down a bit by generic looking backgrounds and characters.

Wartime X Cluttered with Micro Transactions

Now for the bad: Wartime X falls victim to the all too-common habit on the app store of offering the game for free but monetizing every tiny aspect of it.

Wartime X store2
The cluttered Wartime X store.

That means every time you log on you’ll be assaulted with ads for hero packs or gems. Like most free-to-play games you can buy gems for $3.99, $9.99, $19.99, $37.99, $99.99 or a staggering $199.99 for 15,710 gems.

Bottom line: Wartime X is a fun diversion from regular poker but it leaves you wanting more depth and less micro transactions.

Now if something like this was actually incorporated into an online poker client, such as PokerStars’ upcoming Power Up Poker, it would be substantially more interesting.

Hits: Interesting game that’s very easy to learn. Great deal of customization with different characters, equipment and abilities.

Misses: Pay-to-win, tons of micro transactions, generic art.

Wartime X is available for free on iTunes but takes 114 MB of space. The game requires iOS 8.0 or later.


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