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A Look at the Brand-New 2017 World Series of Poker [Photos]


If this is your first year attending the World Series of Poker you might not realize the event looked dramatically different just one year ago.

Yes, there is still a seemingly endless sea of poker tables but the long-running series has actually undergone its most dramatic overhaul since introducing the gargantuan Pavilion Room in many years ago.

The Amazon Room, which has long been the crown jewel of the WSOP with multiple feature tables and the ESPN mothership, is now just another room of poker tables.

On the other hand the Pavilion Room has been renovated to include a high-stakes cash game area and lounge that’s sponsored by European poker giant King’s Casino.

It’s a whole new world for the WSOP.

Poker Kitchen Shuttered, New TV Table

One long-running fixture of the WSOP that you won’t find in the 2017 edition is the Poker Kitchen.

The Poker Kitchen was unceremoniously dumped for the Miranda Grab & Go and even more poker tables in Miranda Room.

It’s hard to say if the concession-based eatery will be missed as it was never really a favorite to most players with a rotating assortment of food including pizza, burritos, smoothies, sushi, burgers and more.

Miranda will still offer a collection of pre-made salads and sandwiches as well as a small amount of hot food.

All dining tables have been moved to the Pavilion stage. There is also a hot-dog cart set up in Pavilion, which seems like an odd choice for a poker room.

Arguably the biggest change, however, is moving the ESPN final table to Brasilia. Brasilia is now the high-profile area with three feature tables and a small assortments of tables that will be used for final-table play downs.

Here’s a photographic look at the new WSOP set-up:

This year players coming from the Rio are greeted by a Lamborghini Gallardo owned by Exotic Car Rentals. The tagline? Bust out of the WSOP and go for a ride at the track starting at $399 for four hours. There are probably worse ways to spend the money.

Pavilion remains the single biggest room in WSOP floorplan with plenty of space for cash games, satellites and tournaments. It's also the first tournament space that spectators will see as they approach the rest of the series.

The King's Casino cash game area is a brand new addition to the 2017 WSOP. The WSOP has always had cash games but its high-stakes area has never been anything special. This might attract a few more heavy hitters from places like Aria's Ivey Room or Bobby's Room at Bellagio.

The tables in the King's Casino cash game area are a step above the rest of the tables at the WSOP. There's also a feature table in the middle of the room for extremely high-stakes games.

The King's Casino area also includes an exclusive lounge for VIPs to take in the action or for the players to take a break from the tables.

Jason Mercier is the newest POY winner and his banner went up in the far right corner of the Pavilion. Sadly his dog Marshmellow didn't make the cut.

Yes. The WSOP hot dog cart is a real thing.

This is the Pavilion Room dining area, which is located on the stage above all the tables.

All that remains of the once bustling Poker Kitchen. The room is much, much smaller and has been renamed the Miranda Grab & Go. Of note is that the All American Dave food truck is still available outside the Amazon Room.

This is the all-new Miranda tournament area. It's really just a bunch of tables and there's nothing all that significant about it. This is the former location of the Poker Kitchen.

This year's crop of hallway vendors includes vapes, vitamin supplements, headphones, fidget spinners and phone chargers. So many phone chargers.

The bathrooms to the right of Brasilia include a unisex one for the first time ever.

The all-new Brasilia Room is the showcase room for the 2017 WSOP. It includes the ESPN Mothership, two more feature tables and small collection of tables that will be utilized for playdowns. This is the room you want to be playing poker in.

The ESPN mothership maintains its otherworldly appearance in the Brasilia Room. This is where PokerGO will be livestreaming this year.

Now devoid of the ESPN mothership, Amazon Room offers a staggering number of poker tables.

Chips getting unloaded for use in Amazon Room.

The WSOP entrance/exit has a rock show aesthetic to it this year.