Bizarre Day 3 at Partouche Ends with Schemion On Top

Patrick Partouche annuncia la fine del Partouche Poker Tour YouTube Mozilla Firefox 962012 102238 AM
Patrick Partouche: Shuffle up and cancel.

A strange day at the Partouche Poker Tour in Cannes has ended with Ole Schemion on top of the chip counts but PPT founder Patrick Partouche the name on the tip of everybody’s tongues.

The details of the elder Partouche’s statement can be found here, but in short he began the day with an impassioned speech announcing the official end of the Partouche Poker Tour.

With tensions high about a prize pool short of the advertised 5 million guarantee, Partouche, upset at being called a cheater, took the mic for the shuffle up and deal and instead pulled the plug on the PPT for good while sticking to his claim the prize pool was never guaranteed.

In the aftermath the Partouche Marketing Director resigned, Twitter feeds blew up and the staff and players were left to pick up and carry on as the tourney played down into the money.

Still, plenty of poker was played and when the trying day had wrapped Schemion, known online as wizowizo, had grabbed the chip lead with 47 players left.

He’ll return for Day 4 tomorrow as the only player past the 1 million mark with 1,251,000 and a 300k chip lead on second place Karen Sarkisyan.

Smith, Renkemeier Climb; Williams Plummets

Of the notable names to survive, two in particular used Day 3 as a springboard to the top of the field.

Dan Smith
King Dan contending again.

American Dan Smith, he of high-roller crushing fame, jumped into the top 10 and ended the day with 577,000 in chips.

German Tobias Renkemeier, a high-stakes crusher in his own right, also made his move and bagged up 446,000 to sit eleventh.

Several other notables made it through the day but will have their work cut out for them tomorrow with middling to smaller stacks.

Among those returning include:

  • Kyle Julius 277,000
  • Justin Bonomo 267,000
  • Antoine Saout 243,000
  • Dan O’Brien 203,000
  • Andrew Lichtenberger 148,000
  • David Williams 148,000
  • Tristan Wade 134,000

Williams, one of the chip leaders heading into the day, had a tough go of it and dropped well down the leaderboard by "losing lots of pots."

Needless to say he wasn't pleased:

Play picks up tomorrow from Cannes with 47 players and plans to get down near a final table. Follow along with the live updates in French here.

Here are the official payouts, as posted by the PPT:

1.  €1,000,000
2.  €592,570
3.  €355,970
4.  €291,590
5.  €228,070
6.  €190,560
7. €152,190
8. €118,940
9. €89,870
10. €63,940
11. €55,420
12-13.  €46,890
14-15.  €42,630
16-17.  €38,360
18-19.  €34,100
20-25.  €29,840
26-33.  €25,570
34-39.  €21,310
40-49.  €17,050
50-57.  €14,920
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