Bitar Files Claim Against DOJ, AGCC Blames Full Tilt

Ray Bitar
Ray Bitar.

In two more Full Tilt notes overshadowed by today’s news of an acquisition agreement, Ray Bitar has filed a claim disputing the DOJ’s forfeiture proceedings and AGCC Director Andre Wilsenach has firmly placed the blame on Full Tilt for its license revocation.

The claim from Full Tilt CEO Bitar was filed on Sept. 28 in Dublin and claims the assets listed as subject to forfeiture by the US Department of Justice are “neither proceeds nor instrumentalities of any crimes in any jurisdiction in the United States or elsewhere.“

In the claim Bitar also requests an opportunity to challenge the government's forfeiture and says his claim to the "specified property" is superior to the government's interest.

The specified property is identified his legal and equitable ownership and share in Full Tilt Ltd. and Tiltware LLC along with the domains belonging to those entities plus three bank accounts itemized in the DOJ's amended claim – two in the name of Tiltware and one in his own name.

See the full claim here.

Wilsenach Blames Tilt Absolutely

Executive Director of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission Andre Wilsenach did his lashing out in an interview with eGaming Review and placed the blame for Full Tilt's current situation entirely on FTP's Board of Directors.

“I blame it absolutely on Full Tilt,” Wilsenach said in the interview. “In my view it’s absolutely right that the commission has decided to revoke their licences."

Wilsenach also suggested no licensing regulators would have known the Department of Justice was seizing funds - especially before Black Friday.

“Do you think for a minute that the other operators, PokerStars and Absolute, do you think that their regulators knew that the DoJ was freezing their funds? Don’t for a minute think that in April Black Friday was the first time they froze funds.

"If your operator doesn’t tell then there’s no way you would know.” 

Find the full interview (behind pay wall) here.

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