Biggest pot ever, traffic surge rule Sept.

David Benyamine
Mr. B: Nice month.

After 11 years of online poker without crossing the $600k pot barrier, poker rolled into the future in September with two $600k+ pots changing hands including the biggest pot ever won online.

Even more of a story? The winning player and the winning hand.

The new owner of the biggest pot in online poker history is reputed online fish "patatino," who entered the record books on Sept. 12 by scooping the infamous pot with a pair of deuces. (Read the full story here).

To fully cement the record-breaking month, after the 11-year wait it was a mere 11 hours more before online poker saw its second biggest pot ever.

The beneficiary this time was here.)

The catalyst for the resurgence in high-stakes Hold'em this month has been the marquee $500/$1,000 NLHE RailHeaven table at Full Tilt Poker.

A litany of poker's biggest names and best young players have stepped up to play day after day with literally millions of dollars changing hands.

More monthly numbers of note, as tracked by the MarketPulse software:

Top 10 Online Hold'em Moneymakers in September:

Rank Player Poker Room Total
1. David Benyamine
Full Tilt $979,262
2. trex313 Full Tilt $975,151
3. OMGClayAiken Full Tilt $912,397
4. durrrr
Full Tilt $657,862
5. Peter W Jepsen
Full Tilt $372,885
6. Genius28 Full Tilt $348,089
7. KPR16 Full Tilt $341,779
8. Hoss_TBF Full Tilt $341,501
9. Spiked Full Tilt
10. Urindanger Full Tilt $308,089

Top 10 Online Hold'em Losses in September:

Rank Player Poker Room Total
1. patatino Full Tilt (-$1,017,344)
2. Phil Ivey
Full Tilt (-$611,602)
3. elmariachimacho Full Tilt (-$609,039)
4. vlindermes Full Tilt (-$360,711)
5. ImTheFranchise Full Tilt (-$351,718)
6. pr1nnyraid Full Tilt (-$330,615)
7. just_the_nuts Full Tilt (-$330,085)
8. luckexpress10 Full Tilt (-$328,774)
9. PRTECTYANECK Absolute Poker (-$283,238)
10. good2cu Full Tilt


For more key online poker industry markers for the month of September, jump to the MarketPulse section.

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