Biggest online poker pot ever leads June stats

Patrik Antonius
The Black Lotus: Scoops the biggest "legitimate" pot of the month at $449k.

The month of June in the poker world is usually all about the World Series of Poker, but online poker is definitely carving out its own space.

Action at all stakes online seemed to roll on virtually unabated despite the heavy live action at the Rio this month at the WSOP.

Surprisingly that also held true at the highest stakes online, where virtually all of the top pros seemed to squeeze in some action.

The $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha tables on Full Tilt Poker were particularly packed and six-max and heads-up games ran regularly.

They definitely had their fair share of huge pots (including a massive $449,656 pot won by Finnish pro Patrik Antonius just last night) - but the biggest story of the month came from the new $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em "RailHeaven" table.

The big deal was the record $585,009 pot that changed hands in the early hours of June 25.

Initial excitement over the history-making event was quickly tempered, though, when the forum regulars started to look more closely at the participants - high-stakes regular Jay "pr1nnyraid" Rosenkrantz and relative unknown Tony Bliar.

Some peculiar play also made the hand look like a setup to create a bit of buzz.

A story about the hand can be found here; the Coles notes of the situation are that Krantz and a fellow high-stakes player, Ariel "DaEvils" Schneller, who also happens to be Krantz's good friend, were playing around at the high-stakes tables earlier in the day.

By the end of that session Krantz had lost $370k, so the speculation was that Krantz and Bliar set up the game and the big hand to transfer the money back to Krantz.

It worked, sort of. The story grabbed some headlines and still stands "officially" as both the biggest pot online ever.

To check out more of the top 100 biggest pots won online over the last month, visit the MarketPulse biggest pots section.

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