Big prizes, new perks for Nguyen Challenge

Listen up, baby. The Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge V is set to start Oct. 30 at the Cherokee Casino in Tulsa, Okla.

With an estimated prize pool of more than $2.5 million, some big-name pros making the trip to play and key changes to the structure, it should be an excellent event.

"Our local players and poker pros from all over the country look forward
to this tournament each year," says David Stewart, CEO of Cherokee Nation Enterprises, which operates Cherokee Casinos.

"And we've listened to what they've been saying and made some changes we feel are really positive. We've moved the tournament to our second floor grand ballroom allowing for more live cash games in the poker room, and we've shortened the length of the tournament but added more events each day."

The tournament runs through Nov. 10 and includes an additional event to each day this year, bringing the total to 31 events. Those events are as follows:

Oct. 307 p.m.Jack & Jill$125+$25
Oct. 3111 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Oct. 313 p.m.*Omaha 8-or-Better$200+$30
Oct. 317 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$125+$25
Nov. 111 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Nov. 13 p.m.Mega Supersatellite$300+$40
Nov. 17 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$200+$30
Nov. 211 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$500+$50
Nov. 23 p.m.Mega Supersatellite$300+$40
Nov. 27 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$125+$25
Nov. 311 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Nov. 33 p.m.*H.O.R.S.E.$500+$50
Nov. 37 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$200+$30
Nov. 411 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Nov. 43 p.m.*Pot-Limit Omaha$500+$50
Nov. 47 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$125+$25
Nov. 511 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Nov. 53 p.m.*6-Handed NLHE$200+$30
Nov. 57 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$125+$25
Nov. 611 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Nov. 63 p.m.*Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Nov. 67 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$200+$30
Nov. 711 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$500+$50
Nov. 73 p.m.Mega Supersatellite$300+$40
Nov. 77 p.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$300+$40
Nov. 811 a.m.*No-Limit Hold'em$1,000+$80
Nov. 83 p.m.Mega Supersatellite$300+$40
Nov. 87 p.m.Mega Supersatellite$300+$40
Nov. 911 a.m.Main Event Day 1$3,000+ $150
Nov. 93 p.m.Ladies NLHE$125+$25
Nov. 1011 a.m.Main Event Day 2--

Nguyen is fondly referred to as "The Prince of Poker." He arrived in the United States from Vietnam when he was just 14 years old. After living in Chicago for a while he made the jump to California.

It was there he picked up poker, to his own and his bank account's benefit.

Nguyen now lives in Las Vegas and is a former T.J. Cloutier in the process.

Players who want to get in on the action can receive discounted hotel rates at the resort with the block code "Scot1008." Rates for players are $79 during the week and $99 Friday and Saturday night. The resort also offers additional rooms at Cherokee Casino Inn.

For more information, visit and check for updates on all the play at

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