Big names go deep in PokerStars Sunday events

Annette Obrestad
Annette_15 picked up some more pocket change in a PokerStars event Sunday.

Usually the star of PokerStars Sunday events is the Sunday Million. This week, however, a couple other events stole the spotlight as some well-known players went deep in them.

The Sunday Warm-Up was particularly juicy for players as it included a one-time rebuy this week, and its guarantee was pumped up to a full million dollars. Taking advantage of such a big prize pool was Annette_15, who ended up at the final table.

The 2007 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event winner ended up checking out in sixth place, but not before picking up a $31,000 cash.

The final-table results for the Sunday Warm-Up were as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st AWice Canada $135,000
2nd lrdvoldemort Sweden $95,000
3rd Rivvie Netherlands $51,500
4th Bookie1978 Netherlands $51,500
5th halt81 United Kingdom $41,000
6th Annette_15 Norway $31,000
7th allinstevie United Kingdom $21,000
8th mppowerm Germany $13,000
9th MrTile United States $9,000

Annette Obrestad wasn't the only Internet-pro-turned-successful-live-player who turned up deep in a Sunday event this week either.

Tim "Tmay420" West made it as far as 22nd place in the Sunday Million to win $3,000. The top prize this week from the $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool was $184,500, which went to diegoaiz.


More than 7,200 players showed up for the Sunday Million this week, and diegoaiz waded through them all to come into the final table as the chip leader. As play went on, diegoaiz would lose his lead position, but he was still in it when it got down to three-handed.

That's when the final three players decided on a chop based on chip counts, making them each six figures richer. Then they played for the remaining $30,000.

It took nearly 20 hands after the chop before another player was eliminated. FlopeDeNuts found pocket nines in the small blind and pushed all-in.

Diegoaiz made the call from the big blind, turning up pocket tens. As the board fell Q A 6 6 J, the better hand held up and FlopeDeNuts was out.

Heads-up play saw the chip lead flipping back and forth between diegoaiz and TheRodGuy's. Neither player was willing to just give in, however, and the two battled for 127 hands before the tournament was finally decided.

Thirty seconds before the tournament would have hit its 12th hour of play, according to the PokerStars blog, diegoaiz flopped top pair holding T 9, while TheRodGuy had caught the middle pair with J 4 on a board showing 2 4 T.

With all the chips in the middle, the rest of the board played out 3 7 to give diegoaiz the win and the final $30,000 left after the chop.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st diegoaiz Argentina $148,848.49
2nd TheRodGuy Denmark $127.912.72
3rd FlopeDeNuts United States $116,687.79
4th IamUnlucky United States $69,000
5th krs538 United States $54,000
6th UnbrokeN United States $39,000
7th Bury2k4 United States $26,250
8th cj mcon United Kingdom $17,250
9th CodeRedRulez United States $10,500

The results of the other major Sunday events at PokerStars are as follows:

Sunday Two Hundred Grand

Based on finishing order and four-way deal

Place Name Country Prize
1st mickey tee United States $20,809.31
2nd Bellavia United States $10,398.35
3rd S0n0FpUc Brazil $11,140.76
4th pacmanpoker9 United States $14,206.82
5th theboca Israel $6,525.61
6th magicmaco Poland $4,350.41
7th FinanBoys Sweden $3,262.81
8th ydidutakemy$ United States $2,175.21
9th daddyjohn51 United States $1,631.41

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st freezeplay Canada $54,480
2nd RiggsB United States $39,600
3rd Patonius2000 United Kingdom $30,000
4th DesertQuest United Kingdom $22,500
5th efmike United States $15,750
6th tuck64 United States $12,750
7th glennbrooke United States $9,750
8th Masterhp United States $6,750
9th mcnallyville United States $4,200

Sunday $5,200 Freezeout

  1. supernova9 (United States) $30,000

For more information about these and other events at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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