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Get your money in with the best of it this July for $12 million in guaranteed money at

The World Series of Poker isn't the only thing giving out millions of dollars in prize money this month. announced it is giving away $12 million in guaranteed prize money in July.

"To give away a guaranteed $12 million in prize pools in just one month is great news for online poker players," said a spokesman. "July is always a big month in the poker calendar with the WSOP, and this is a great way to celebrate this."

With a $300,000 guaranteed weekly tournament running each Sunday, players are already getting great value for their money at They can also check out the $30k tournaments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday through July, and a $50k tournament on Saturdays.

The minimum prize pool is guaranteed on all the tournaments. It doesn't matter if as little as five people sit down to play them, the prize pool will still be the guaranteed amount.

"Whether you have $50 in your account or $500, the benefits are the same; all tournament prize pools are guaranteed," the spokesman said.

For more information or to get in on the fun, visit

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