Raw deal for BigLL in WCOOP Event 18

The Spoils of War

To deal or not to deal? That is the question in the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) at PokerStars. In Event 18, $530 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo, third-placed crazyjanie received more money than winner BigLL as a result of an agreement between the players.

When the deal was made with three players remaining in the tournament, crazyjanie had a big chip lead, and thus got the highest amount when the PokerStars support presented the figures.

BigLL thought long and hard before finally accepting the deal. If he had known how the tournament would turn out, his decision would no doubt have been different.

crazyjanie lost her lead quickly and busted out third place earning $49,473, compared to the $25,714 she would have received if no deal had been made.

The heads-up match for the WCOOP title and the $9,000 left to play for started with BigLL as a dominant chip leader over his opponent mysticaces. It was a dramatic battle with lots of action in each and every pot, but eventually BigLL wore his rival down.

He sealed the deal when he caught a three-of-a-kind, deuces, for high and a 6-5-3-2-A for low in the final hand of the tournament.

BigLL got $48,367 for the win, $21,748.50 less than the announced first prize. Runner-up mysticaces received $38,712.

Final-table results:

Place Name Country Prize
1st BigLL United States $48,367.00
2nd mysticaces United States $38,712.00
3rd crazyjanie United States $49,473.00
4th pinfishtom United States $18,567.90
5th motor1963 Germany $14,950.00
6th theowl48 United States $11,661.00
7th TheActionKid United States $8,730.80
8th Sensor United States $5,681.00

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