Betting limits one step closer to elimination in California

The California State Assembly voted 53-12 Monday in favor of passing Senate Bill 1198 which would eliminate betting limits set by the state and return power to local governments to set their own limits. The bill is now in the governor's hands waiting to be signed into law.

Currently, the state-set limit is $200 for bets in a card room. The limit was put in place in 1996 when California called a halt to card room expansion.

The city of Coma challenged that law when its voters overwhelmingly approved limitless betting in the city in April, allowing the Lucky Chances casino to continue operation without betting limits. The city had actually removed limits in January 1998, and had been providing free cable to the city's residents with revenue from the casino.

Despite the city's vote, the California Gambling Control Commission renewed the Lucky Chances' gambling license this past April with the stipulation it had to reduce its wagering to conform to the state law.

If the governor approves the bill, the Lucky Chances would be able to return to the limitless betting that Coma has already approved. Other cities would also have the power through their city council or board of supervisors to determine the appropriate wagering limits in their areas.

For more information about the bill, please read California Bill Could Allow More High Stakes Poker Games.

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