BetonSports has not guilty plea entered for it

Five days after choosing to not show up or have representation present at a court hearing Jan. 5, a federal judge entered a not guilty plea for BetonSports, Plc. The online gambling company is facing criminal charges for violating U.S. gambling laws.

On Jan. 10, U.S. Magistrate Judge Mary Ann Medler entered the plea for the company, which is accused of racketeering in connection with online sports betting.

By entering a plea for them, BetonSports is now subject to the court's Feb. 2 deadline for filing any pre-trial motions. The court has also pushed back the evidentiary hearing scheduled for Jan. 22 to March 2.

Federal prosecutors had also asked that BetonSports be charged with contempt of court for not showing for the hearing and be fined for it.

Along with the company itself, the founder Gary Kaplan, former CEO David Carruthers and other people connected to the business are being charged in the case.

Carruthers was picked up at a Dallas area airport and put under arrest last summer, while Kaplan has yet to be arrested to face the charges. The others facing charges include four defendants who run a Miami direct mail promotions business that worked with BetonSports.

All of the defendants have entered not guilty pleas.

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