Two hit Betfair Pokerfecta in same week

The Prize Money

Betfair Poker laid down the gauntlet a while back, challenging players to win three multi-table tournaments in a week at the poker site for a cash bonus. Until the end of March, nobody had accomplished the "Pokerfecta," and then two met the challenge in the same week.

Hedger43 and JONBUCHAN both walked away $5,500 richer after winning three multi-table tournaments each in the same week.

Hedger43 accomplished this with two wins in $1,000 Guaranteed Super Turbo events and a win in a $600 Guaranteed Turbo. JONBUCHAN took down three $1,000 Guaranteed Super Turbos for his win.

Hedger43 actually overqualified for the Pokerfecta by winning a fourth MTT that week as well. He was excited about his win, but not necessarily about sharing the jackpot with JONBUCHAN.


"I was delighted to win once I'd won the first two tournaments," he said. "However, I was gutted when I heard I had to share it - fair play to JONBUCHAN, though; he deserves it! If he wants to go heads-up for the other $5,500, I'm up for it!"

It's not likely JONBUCHAN will take Hedger43 up on his offer, because the timing of the win was really good for him. He plans to put the money toward the drinks tab at his wedding in Dublin this weekend.

The win also resets the progressive jackpot for the Pokerfecta back to $5,000. Another $1,000 will be added to the pool each week until someone else achieves the three-multi-table win.

As well as being awarded the jackpot, Pokerfecta winners will also be immortalized in a Hall of Fame at Betfair Poker, giving the players the full glory the poker site thinks they deserve for their achievement.

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