Betfair Poker launches new promotion

Betfair Poker launched the "Team Rake Challenge" this week allowing new players the chance to join the Betfair Poker Asian Poker Tour.

The qualification period for the challenge is from July 24 to Oct. 21. Teams of three to 10 players can enter anytime during the qualification period by having the team captain submit the poker alias and e-mail address of each player to

All players on the team must give their consent to participate in the challenge. Players can also be added to a team anytime during the qualification period.

$5,000 in cash will be awarded to the team who generates the most rake during the promotion. Betfair Poker will also be giving away one $3,000 package for every £10,000 in combined rake that players generate. Teams could also possibly win a trip to Singapore on the Betfair Poker Asian Poker Tour. For a full list of the rake structure and what it can earn your team, visit Betfair Poker.

The team captain will be responsible for decided how the prizes will be distributed to team members. The site is also offering to arrange private tournaments for teams of six or more to decide the allocation of prizes.

For a limited time, new players to Befair Poker can also claim a $300 bonus.

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