Betfair Poker announces new qualifiers for Asian Poker Tour

Betfair Poker has launched several new qualifying tournaments for the inaugural Betfair Asian Poker Tour event in Singapore beginning November 12, 2006. New events include single table satellite and multi-table super satellite tournaments.

Betfair Poker players can now compete at twice-daily, multi-table super satellites, seven days a week, for as little as $3 + 30¢. These events feed into several other multi-table and single-table satellites, including 6- and 10-player $32 + $3 and $60 + $5 multi-table events, as well as two $18 + $1.80 multi-table tournaments.

Winners of these satellites will advance to either the Thursday or Sunday multi-table finals, which boast a direct buy-in of $250 + $20. The Thursday final offers one added prize package per event, while the Sunday tournament guarantees at least one player will be awarded a package. In addition, each final will award one package for every 32 players entered.

Prize packages are worth an estimated $8,000 and include the $5,000 Betfair Asian Poker Tour buy-in as well as travel expenses, accommodation and spending money.

Please see Betfair To Host Asian Poker Tour In Singapore for more information about the tournament, or visit Betfair Poker Launches Team Qualification Promotion For Asian Poker Tour or for additional qualification details.

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