Berry Johnston cashes again at FTOPS VIII

Berry Johnston

Two more events were played out at FTOPS VII with over 2,000 players taking a shot at getting their own Full Tilt gold avatar (and maybe a little bit of cash as well).

Siggen and stuckmyass were the two biggest winners but it was a savvy Full Tilt pro who continued to amaze with his online prowess. Following, a closer look at each contest.

FTOPS VIII Event 15 $200+$16 HA (half Pot-Limit Hold'em, half Omaha)

FTOPS Event 15 offered players with skills in both Pot-Limit Hold'em and Omaha to flex their muscles. The event was hosted by German Full Tilter Eddie Scharf and saw a total of 932 players register looking to score some major money.

The event ended up being extremely unfriendly to the pros, however, and Stuart Paterson was the lone Full Tilt representative making it into the money. Paterson finished 62nd for $447.

The biggest portion of the prize pool went to online player Siggen who beat Magic_ip heads-up to take down the $42,872 for first place.

Here's a look at the rest of the Event 15 final-table finishers:

1. Siggen $42,872
2. Magic_ip $27,028
3. hamazriya $20,038
4. ackbleh $15,378
5. Smokinokun $11,650
6. Charibert $8,388
7. HYTTI $5,592
8. SnappyMcHook $4,361
9. execcoach $3,168

FTOPS VIII Event 16 $300+$22 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max Rebuy

Full Tilt pro Berry Johnston has numerous accolades, including winning five WSOP bracelets, cashing in more Main Events than any other player and becoming a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. It's doubtful, however, that Johnston has ever been near the top of the leaderboard for an online poker series before.

That's exactly what's happening at FTOPS VIII. With yet another cash at Event 16 (34th for $4,304) Johnston is now sitting 10th on the leaderboard with 230 points, which is the highest of any Full Tilt pro. Keep in mind that Full Tilt is home to online wizards like Jonathan Turner, Scott Clements and Jordan Morgan so it's quite an accomplishment.

Who knows what will happen in the Event 18, where he will actually host. He might just pull an Erick Lindgren and win his own event.

The eventual winner of Event 16 was the cleverly named stuckmyass who beat xqsays heads-up to win $236,188. It wasn't all bad for xqsays, however, as the player won $157,459 for finishing and actually rocketed to first on the Full Tilt Leaderboard with 326 points.

Here's a look the other final-table finishers at Event 16:

1. stuckmyass $236,188
2. xqsays $157,459
3. NEONPILS99 $112,147
4. Tmay420 $83,827
5. STELLA05 $60,038
6. tedsfishfry $38,515
7. MPetes $23,788
8. PatHuntKK $23,788
9. AvertBet $16,992

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