Benyamine wins $180k pot from Hansen

David Benyamine

David Benyamine has had a slow year to say the least.

The French Pot-Limit Omaha specialist has raked in millions at the high-stakes online games in the past, so it's a bit of surprise that he's down nearly $800,000 in 2009, especially considering PLO is played almost exclusively at the nosebleed stakes these days.

But by taking on all comers last night on Full Tilt, including Gus Hansen, Rafi "howitfellslike" Amit, luckexpress10, Phil Ivey and HarrisMP, Benyamine did his best to try and erase some of his losses.

In the biggest pot of the session, Benyamine and Hansen got it all-in on a Q 6 5 flop with straight draws and flush draws. Both players ended up making a straight, but Mr. B's was bigger.

It's unknown what exactly Benyamine left the tables with, but he did take at least two more pots worth over $50,000 from Hansen as The Great Dane's disastrous downswing continues.

The Danish pro is now down nearly $900,000 after being up as much as $2 million in 2009.

One might think it's been a bad year for Team Full Tilt Pros, but although he still finds himself down in the durrrr Challenge, Patrik Antonius is doing his best for the team, having already amassed approximately $4.5 million in profits online in 2009.

Check below to see videos of some of the best Hansen vs. Benyamine hands:

Nice hand, Mr. B.

Hansen gets one back.

More Benyamine.

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