Belle Rock Entertainment gives away Orange County Chopper bike

Bell Rock Entertainment, which operates four online casinos and two online poker rooms, flew seven prize package winners from their Web sites to New York where one lucky winner received a new River Bell branded Orange County Chopper valued at $50,000.

One player from each of the company's sites, including Gaming Club Poker, and one person who bid for the chance in an auction were treated to luxury accommodations in New York City after being flown first-class from their homes. They received gift bags full of prizes, dinner at one of the city's best restaurants and tickets to the Broadway show, "The Producers."

"We always try to offer unique and rewarding promotions to our players so that the action on the tables and at the slots can be taken past the games," said Tim Johnson, chairman of Carmen Media Group, owner of Belle Rock Entertainment.

The main part of their "Ticket to Ride" trip, though, was a trip to the Orange County Chopper workshop in Montgomery, New York, where each participant picked a key and had a turn to see if his key was the right one to win a brand new custom chopper. Marc was the fifth person to try to start the chopper, and his key was the right one.

After the key-turning ceremony, all the participants got to meet the Teutuls and take a tour of their shop which has been made famous by the TV show "American Chopper."

"This was simply sensational, really a wonderful experience from start to finish," said Marc. "I'm not a big spender or a free roller, so I never thought I would be able to win a promotion like this. Meeting with the Teutuls and getting on that bike for the first time, I had to pinch myself."

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