Basile Yaiche: France's Answer to durrrr

Basile Yaiche
Basile Yaiche is just one of many talented young players coming out of France.

Basile "basou" Yaiche started grinding freerolls online when he was “18” and in three months he had run up his account to €40,000.

Specializing in heads-up cash games, Yaiche has quickly become one of the most successful young online poker players in France.

Honed in games as high as $25/$50 online, Yaiche’s hyper-aggressive style carried him all the way to 19th place in the ongoing EPT London main event.

At just 19 years old Yaiche has already had considerable live success. He finished second to Marvin Rettenmaier in the 2011 Finale of the France Poker Series, earning $208,000, and scored another runner-up finish in the €5k Heads-up event at the Partouche Poker Tour stop in Cannes, good for $54k.

Yaiche studied business at Ecoles des Dirigeants et des Créateurs d'entreprise in Paris for two years and plans to finish his studies after one year of traveling to play live tournaments.

“I want to go back to school because being a poker pro isn’t the life I want forever,” Yaiche told in London.

But for the time being Yaiche’s life as a poker player is paying dividends.

“I had the best results heads-up in France and signed me to a sponsorship deal,” he said.

In addition to his stellar record, Yaiche held a promotion patterned after the durrrr Challenge. Yaiche issued a challenge to play 5,000 hands of $5/$10. If he was up at the end of it his opponent would have to pay him $5,000. If he lost he’d be on the hook for $10,000.

The challenge was taken up by Yaiche’s fellow Frenchman Julien “Garrincho54” Claudepierre and although Yaiche ultimately lost the match, it helped him secure the sponsorship deal with

Having specialized in heads-up cash, Yaiche is excited by the prospect of playing more live tournaments.

“Playing these tournaments is really interesting to me because I feel like I don’t have that much more to learn in heads-up cash, but in tournaments there’s so much that’s new to me,” he said.

Although Basile Yaiche has been eliminated, the EPT London main event final table continues tomorrow. Tune in here to follow the action on

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