Bar Poker League expands to Netherlands

Marcel Luske
The Bar Poker League takes hold in the home country of Marcel Luske.

The World Poker Store recently announced that it was expanding The Bar Poker League yet again. This time the league is taking hold in the Netherlands.

The World Poker Store entered into an agreement with Play It Simpel, the creator of the popular poker reality TV show Poker Kampioen Van Nederland, in which the existing Play It Simpel poker league in the Netherlands will become The Bar Poker League.

"Our agreement with Play It Simpel is a springboard to rapid growth for The Bar Poker League in Europe," said Chuck Chastain, World Poker Store CEO.

The Play It Simpel league has been running Texas Hold'em tournaments throughout the Netherlands since early 2008. It has grown to more than 200 venues and 200,000 registered players during that time.

Contestants in the Play It Simpel league play for a chance to appear on the reality TV show and be crowned the poker champion of the Netherlands.

The conversion to The Bar Poker League will take place in February 2009. The reality TV show will continue in the Netherlands, plus the agreement will also see Play It Simpel create a poker reality TV show from The Bar Poker League running in Germany.

The show will follow a similar format, where league members play for the opportunity to appear in a reality TV show and be crowned the Poker Champion of Germany.

"Adding an established and rapidly growing league in the Netherlands and a TV show to our German league, which begins play next month, will establish The Bar Poker League as the preeminent league in all of Europe," Chastain said.

The World Poker Store has offices in St. Paul, Minn.; Fort Myers, Fla., Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Shenzhen, China. It brings free Texas Hold'em games to people around the world.

The WPS also boasts the support of several pro poker players on its advisory board, including Marcel Luske, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, Patrik Antonius, Hoyt Corkins and Liz Lieu.

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