Bad Beat Jackpot tops record level at PartyPoker

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Earlier this week PartyPoker announced its Bad Beat Jackpot was nearing an all-time high. Before we could even get the news out to our readers, the jackpot topped one million, and was finally taken down by a player Thursday evening.

The previous record jackpot on the site was $922,000, but as players crowded the tables on Thursday in hopes of getting a bad beat worthy of the jackpot, the new record topped out at $1,013,381.63.


The win came on a 50¢/$1 table and the actual pot itself was only worth $24. However, with quad nines beat by a royal flush, Judith75 lost the pot but picked up a $354,683.57 prize.

The winner of the hand was Hiyall, who also scooped $177,341.79 from the Bad Beat Jackpot for being a part of the hand. The other players at the table won $22,167.72 for their participation as well.

"Online poker history has been made by setting a new world record for a bad beat jackpot. To hit seven figures is quite something! It has been quite some week at," said a PartyPoker spokesman.

Party Poker also recently celebrated its seventh birthday with a special Birthday Million tournament where once again the guaranteed prize pool was smashed by participants.

"Most of the world's attention this week is focused on elite athletes going for gold. At the same time it seems that the online poker community has found its own gold mine!" said the PartyPoker representative.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is only available on specially designated tables in the Cash Game tab of PartyPoker. According to the poker site, those tables are busier than ever as the jackpot reaches record-breaking levels.

Of the jackpot, 50% will go to the player who took the bad beat, 25% will go to the winner of the hand and the remaining 25% will be split between the other seated players who took part in the hand. Players who sat out of the hand won't receive a piece of the jackpot pie.

To win the jackpot, a player must lose a hand with four of a kind of eights or better.

For more information about this and other promotions at the poker site, visit Party Poker.

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