Bad beat bonanza when Raj Patel wins FPC

Raj Patel is Champion!

The final day of the Foxwoods Poker Classic (FPC) was action-packed and filled with dramatic turnarounds. Rajendra Patel had the poker gods on his side and took home the World Poker Tour (WPT) tournament and $1,272,905 in prize money.

Every poker player suffers bad beats now and then, but when you do it at a WPT final table it stings a little extra.

Alan Kessler and Antonio Cavezza will certainly never forget the way they were knocked out of the Foxwoods Poker Classic.

Kessler was all-in with A-T against Paul Matteo's A-8, but lost the hand and busted out of the tournament in sixth place when his opponent caught a runner-runner straight.

Antonio Cavezza's final hand was, however, far worse than that. With three players left in the tournament he was all-in with pocket aces against Raj Patel who sat with Ah-8h.

If Cavezza had won the pot, he would have been the new chip leader, but instead Patel caught trips eights on the flop, and won the gigantic pot. reporter Matt Showell talked about that particular hand in a post-tournament interview with Raj Patel. This is what Patel had to say when Matt asked if he did not give Cavezza credit for a big hand:

"I gave him credit, but four or five times he raised my blind, so I thought he was just trying to do the same thing. I had A-8 suited, and I thought he might have something a little better like A-Q or A-J or something."

Patel also said that he felt bad when he saw Cavezza turn over pocket aces, but that he had "gut feeling that something was going to happen," and when he saw the two eights on the flop he knew he would win the tournament.

Significantly, Patel caught a draw to win the final hand of the tournament. He had flopped an open-ended straight draw, and got the card he needed to beat Paul Matteo's trip kings on the river.

Raj Patel took home the Foxwoods Poker Classic and $1,272,905 in prize money, while runner-up Paul Matteo had to settle for $643,275.

The final table results are as follows:

1stRaj Patel$1,272,905
2nd Paul Matteo $643,275
3rd Antonio Cavezza $370,370
4th Fred Goldberg $233,918
5th Seth Berger $175,439
6th Allen Kessler $136,452

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