Back to business for Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen

Two days into the New Year, and in many ways the world of online poker is picking up where it left off in 2008 for Danish poker pro Gus Hansen.

Hansen has already played some monster pots, having a hand in 15 of the 20 largest poker pots played online this year. Thanks to a big one early on Jan. 2, one thing is decidedly different for Gus to start the season: he's not yet on the list of the year's biggest losers.

Although day one of '09 looked to have Hansen in an early six-figure hole, "The Great Dane" pulled out a massive Pot-Limit Omaha hand against trex313 to even things out.

After a few early beatings to the tune of $180,197 and $156,985 Hansen was sitting in seat one with a stack size of $93,798.  trex313, known also by his real name of Hac Dang, was sitting in seat two in the small blind with a stack size of $296,162. The hand came like this:

Pre-Flop: trex313 raises $2,500. Gus Hansen raises $8,000. trex313 raises $24,000. Gus Hansen calls $18,000.

Flop: K 9 3

Gus Hansen bets $54,000. trex313 raises $108,000. Gus Hansen calls $12,798. trex313 shows a sick A 3 A A. Gus Hansen shows 8 8 6 6. An uncalled bet of $41,203 is returned to trex313.

The Turn flipped another spade to complete Hansen's flush but also left him to sweat the River and trex313's A. However, it was an innocuous 5 and a $187,595 win for Hansen.

And just like that, Hansen is approximately, you guessed it, even-steven once again.

In other news, or lack thereof, Tom "durrrr" Dwan is no longer at the top of the online poker leaderboard. That's probably because as far as we can tell, he's yet to play a hand. Our guess is that he's still got a bottle of champagne in each hand and is trying to hold on to what was an unbelievable 2008 as long as humanly possible.

The top spot on the MarketPulse poker earnings leaderboard is currently reserved for traheho, also known as 21-year-old Alex Torelli. That is largely due to a couple of wins versus Mike Matusow in heads up $50/$100 No-Limit Texas Hold'em. One of those wins came on this hand:

Table Setup

traheho: Seat 1 - Stack size: $33,904. Mike Matusow: seat 2 - Stack size: $13,421. traheho posts small blind of $50. Mike Matusow posts big blind of $100.


traheho raises $250. Mike Matusow raises $1,000. traheho calls $800.

Flop [3 4 4]

Mike Matusow bets $1,600. traheho calls $1,600.

Turn #3c4 4 [6]

Mike Matusow bets $3,300. traheho calls $3,300.

River #3c4 4 6 [5]

Mike Matusow bets $7,421. traheho calls $7,421. Mike Matusow shows K K. traheho shows 3 3 for a full house, threes full of fours. More importantly he takes his total yearly poker winnings of $63,661 to the top spot on the MarketPulse leaderboard.

With 363 days of online poker play left to report on in 2009, we'd be surprised if traheho held on to the top spot for long. durrrr's gotta drop those champagne bottles sometime soon.


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