AxisB takes down, Full Tilt Tournament

It has been a busy two weeks of fantastic freerolls from, Full Tilt Poker and Titan Poker. Plenty of players were paid out but none had it better than AxisB.

AxisB, a guitar teacher and personal trainer from New York, N.Y., beat 762 players to win the Full Tilt and $12,500 WPT prize package. It was the 34-year-old's biggest win yet and he was obviously thrilled.

"I feel ecstatic about it," he said. "Lucky and proud because I put a fair amount of effort into becoming a better player."

AxisB has only been playing poker for a year and a half (he learned how to play via a cell phone game) but has developed a great appreciation for the game.

"Poker is an amazing combination of thrill, competition, luck, skill, math, camaraderie, frustration, boredom and anger," he said. "I think it's incredibly important to respond to those latter feelings positively and rationally to be successful at poker as with anything else."

AxisB doesn't know what he will do with the money but mentioned a large portion of it will go towards paying bills.

"Using it for a WPT tourney or other big buy-in tourney would be a bit premature at this point," he commented. "I'd like to be able to afford that in the future of course."

In the meantime AxisB will probably continue playing on Full Tilt Poker five days a week. It's likely he will check for promotions as well.

"I think [] is great for bonuses, news and reviews," he said. "I signed up on Full Tilt through PokerListings and I think I will check the site more often now."

AxisB was not the only player to benefit from a referral.

On Aug. 12 Italian Maurizio Sepede won a seat worth $12,500 to the EPT London on Titan Poker. Sepede signed up for Titan through In addition, on Aug. 6 German player Oezhan Sen won a plasma TV worth $1,500 at Titan Poker's Monday New Depositor's Freeroll. Oezhan Sen, using a PokerListing's player code, beat out 414 players to claim the TV.

Finally, EMHOB and borgius both won $810 via PokerListings and Full Tilt Poker freerolls. The complete results are as follows:

PokerListings, Full Tilt Poker $3,000 tournament (Aug. 11, 2007)

1. EMHOB $810

2. Gambit2Heart $510

3. RiverVooDoo $382

4. ro_dancegirl $300

5. piratesRcool $225

6. The_Fisherman_9 $165

7. Dirt04 $112

8. The War Eagles $90

9. BabyEthan $67

10. Rivered07 $45

PokerListings, Full Tilt Poker Tournament $3,000 tournament (Aug. 4, 2007)

1. borgius $810

2. Zdog808 $510

3. dollerdoller33 $382

4. tetley2995 $300

5. Gixxerfolife $225

6. vadgisil $165

7. Cashion-In 16 $112


9. skopok $67

10. Pat-054 $45

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