Austrian wins two big opportunities at Titan

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Online poker offers players all sorts of opportunities to win big money and chances to play in live events. Just ask Michael Schwaiger who recently won to big prizes at Titan Poker.

Schwaiger, from Austria, will be making his way to the Sun City Million Dollar Poker Tournament in South Africa in September courtesy of a prize package he won at Titan Poker. Plus the 21-year-old has won a shot in t he upcoming $2.5 million Guaranteed tournament at the poker site.

According to Titan Poker, Schwaiger has been playing at the poker site for about eight months. In that short time, he's been able to do something many players are still just dreaming about - taking on a major live tournament for free.

Schwaiger won a $10,500 prize package from Titan Poker that includes the buy-in for the Sun City Million Dollar Poker Tournament plus $2,500 for flights and spending money. On top of that, he'll also have luxury accommodation for seven nights at the Palace of the Lost City hotel, free entry into the spa for one week and many more unique opportunities.


"A dream became complete with this win!" Schwaiger said. "To participate at the biggest poker tournament in Africa is, for me personally something very special. To stay in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world is almost inapprehensible."

When he returns from South Africa, Schwaiger will be thrown right back into the mix of online poker with the $2.5 million Guaranteed tournament at Titan Poker. He qualified online for the tournament and will face a deep line-up of other online qualifiers in the tournament as well as those who buy in directly.

"Thanks to Titan Poker for affording me entry to these events. More than this, congratulations to Titan Poker that it has such a large assortment of tournaments to offer," Schwaiger said.

The Titan Poker $2.5 million Guaranteed is scheduled for Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. GMT+1. It has a $1,580 buy-in, but players can still work their way up into the event through qualifiers for as little as $2.75+20¢.

For more information about these and other promotions at the poker site, visit Titan Poker.

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