Australian qualifies for Tournament Titan

Mark Hoath, a theater director from Australia, will get a second chance at another big money prize pool at Titan Poker after qualifying for the Tournament Titan last week. He previously played in a $500,000 land-based freeroll at Titan Poker that offered a $100 million prize for any player that hit a royal flush of spades.

Hoath qualified for the Tournament Titan by making the final table of the $7,500 Freezeout, and two of the $5,000 guaranteed tournaments.

"I found it very difficult to qualify for this tournament," Hoath said. "On several occasions I had two tournaments and then couldn't get the third one. But I was definitely keen to get into this competition, not only for the fantastic cash prizes, but also to show the world that Aussies are top poker players."

Hoath is the seventh player to qualify for the tournament which is limited to 20 players who are guaranteed to win at least $25,000. The top prize is a $200,000 prize package that includes $164,000 cash plus $12,000 prize packages to the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event and two World Poker Tour events.

The players who've qualified so far are Hou Kam, from Australia; Franck Thimonier, from France; Simon Leetsaar, from Sweden; Jordi Bonell, from Spain; a player nicknamed "backeast" from Canada; and Sol Bergren, from Canada.

During the summer, Hoath also won a seat in the site's land-based $500,000 Freeroll. Players had a chance to win an additional $100 million jackpot if they hit a royal flush of spades. The results of the tournament will be televised in 2007.

For more information about the Tournament Titan or to take part in the site's many other tournaments and promotions, visit Titan Poker.

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