Attendance drops, overlay increases for Sunday events

The attendance keeps dropping, and the overlay keeps increasing for the big Sunday tournaments. This weekend, had to come up with $17,200 to match the posted $100,000 guarantee, and the overlay for UltimateBet's $200,000 guaranteed was $20,600.

Only 828 players entered Bodog's $100,000 guaranteed - the third lowest number this year. Other Sunday tournaments did not see equally severe dips in attendance, which has been the case on previous occasions with a notably small starting field at

There are, however, loyal players who show up to compete at Sunday after Sunday. One of them, capsocool, has had a very successful run the last couple of weeks, with a third-place finish in the event, netting him $9,000, and a first-place finish this week, where he picked up $25,000 in prize money.

Final table results were as follows:

1st capsocool $25,000
2nd yunghizzles $14,000
3rd JoeBobSD $9,000
4th drexxel7 $6,500
5th tallynole $5,400
6th The__Whale $4,400
7th Hazee Jr $3,400
8th czarcaesarxx $2,400
9th thenoona $1,550

UltimateBet's $200,000 guaranteed continues to struggle with low attendance as well, with only 897 people playing in yesterday's tournament.

Player tutnik11 won the tournament and took home $45,000 in prize money.

Final table results were as follows:

1st tutnik11 $45,000
2nd ml7651 $27,000
3rd classyploppy $18,500
4th zestfulyclean $13,000
5th DonT77 $11,000
6th KRISPJAK $9,000
7th Luie Sojo $7,000
8th Fingerpost $5,000
9th hemp $3,500
10th KelseyLou $2,000

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