Attendance drop means overlay for's $100k

Only 791 players entered's $100k Sunday guaranteed this weekend, compared to 927 last week. As a result, the poker site had to come up with $20,900 to match the guarantee.

The overlay money was spread out across the field, but the top prize remained the same as usual, $25,000.

Player SirSands won the tournament after making an amazing comeback. At one point during three-way play SirSands had only $74,000 in his stack, but managed to fight his way back to even things out.

The heads-up match against ROBERT PAULSON lasted only two minutes. In the final hand, SirSands flopped a flush and called when his opponent re-raised all-in with an open-ended straight draw and a draw to a lower flush.

SirSands walked away with first place and the $25,000, while runner-up ROBERT PAULSON had to settle for $14,300.

Results from's $100k Sunday guaranteed:

2nd ROBERT PAULSON $14,300
3rd Chris Saxton $9,200
4th Poker Machine $6,900
5th Hoop Deville $5,500
6th BigB1r $4,500
7th cryogenicman $3,500
8th juancito888 $2,500
9th kdk175 $1,600

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