Atlanta cops called in for robbery, bust poker den instead

Atlanta police officers sent to an apartment to investigate claims of robbery were shocked to find an uninhabited unit that appeared to be a commercial poker den, it has been revealed. According to local news network, WSBTV, police were called to the posh Buckhead Grand Condominiums in Atlanta after a security guard called in a report that two men on the premises were claiming they had been robbed.

When officers arrived at the complex to investigate the scene and interview the alleged victims, they discovered the unit in question was actually a gambling den. A police report suggests the apartment contained no household items whatsoever, such as couches and soap, and that it resembled, "A straight gambling house with TV's and several poker tables in the rooms with poker chips everywhere."

Police believe a poker tournament was in progress when three men entered the apartment and pistol-whipped one of the ten gamblers present. The robbers reportedly escaped in a four-door silver car with the stolen cash.

The robbery victims are believed to have paid a buy-in and entry fee to compete in the event, which police suspect was meant to award cash prizes. Police did not reveal exactly when the robbers entered the apartment.

The victims have been charged with misdemeanor gambling, while another man has been accused of keeping a gambling place. Major James Sellers of the Atlanta Police Department appears to have no sympathy for the victims, saying, "You are making yourself a target to be a victim of a robbery if you're anywhere with a large amount of cash laying on the table."

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