Ashton "Ashman103" Griffin Wins NAPT $25k Bounty Shootout for $560k

Ashton Griffin

The name Ashton Griffin is familiar to anyone who follows the nosebleed stakes games online.

Playing under the handle Ashman103, he takes on the best in the world at the highest stakes almost nightly on Full Tilt.

While he has a history of going from boom to bust online, over the past year Griffin hasn't just been staying in the game, he's been winning.

So when 49 of the top names in the game got together for the NAPT $25k Bounty Shootout in Las Vegas over the past few days, it's to no one's surprise that winning continued.

The event began at the Venetian Hotel and Casino Wednesday with seven seven-handed heats. In addition to collecting $75k and a $5,000 bounty for every player they knocked out, the winners of each heat went on to Friday's final.

Scott Seiver busted every player in his preliminary heat and started out the final table with a bang, doubling through Peter Eastgate with aces and sending the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event champ to the rail seventh soon after.

Griffin actually spent the day off before playing high stake online and came into the final without benefit of a night's sleep.

He was seen taking power naps on the break, but had no trouble waking up to get in to the bounty collecting business when he called a Brett Richey shove with king-queen, three-outing Richey's ace-queen with a king on the river.

Faraz Jaka was sent to the rail next, running queen-ten into Seiver's ace-jack and with another $5k bounty collected, Seiver guaranteed himself at least a chop of the $100k put up by PokerStars for the event's top bounty hunter.

Seiver was actually the next player out when Hoyt Corkins doubled through him with jacks over fives, then eliminated him with ace-king over queen-ten.

But when Griffin sent Joe Cassidy home with a dominating ace-nine over ace-deuce after three-hours three-handed, Seiver locked up the $100k.

Cassidy's exit also sent Griffin and Corkins into a heads-up match that would last just a few brief moments.

On just the second hand the two got it in on a nine-high flop holding top pair. Griffin had Corkins outkicked, it played and the title was his.

In addition to a $455,000 first-place-prize, Griffin grabbed $75,000 for winning his first table and $30,000 in bounties for a total win of $560k.


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