Ash Hussain becomes Champion of Champions

Ash Hussain

The Grosvenor U.K. Poker Tour had one more installment up its sleeve last weekend with the Champion of Champions event.

This was the inaugural showing of the event for the tour, and it brought together 87 players who had won GUKPT events during the 2008 season. Ash Hussain triumphed over them all to earn a £20,000 top prize.

The Champion of Champions tournament put a new twist on tournament play for the players who qualified. The players were given varying amounts of starting chips based on the size of the buy-in of the tournament they won to make it to the Champion of Champions.

Another twist on the usual tournament structure was that players got to vote between two different prize structures for the event.

They could either have a top prize of £25,000, with the top nine players getting paid, or the event could pay £20,000 to the winner and pay out the top 13 players.

The second option won out in the vote, so once the action was done Hussain had £20,000 more to add to his bankroll, and the 13 players who got paid were:

Place Player Prize
1st Ash Hussain £20,000
2nd David Rudling £14,000
3rd Marc Goodwin £10,000
4th Antony Ross £7,500
5th Derek (John) Miller £6,000
6th Paul Newman £5,000
7th Paul Foltyn £4,000
8th Essy Jahanpour £3,000
9th Ganesh Rao £1,500
9th Ben Callinan £1,500
11th Alan Mower £1,000
12th Pascal Heynsen £750
13th Paul Parker £750

Almost all of the 2008 tour's 93 event winners were in attendance for the Champion of Champions. Two of the favorites in the event were Paul Foltyn, winner of the GUKPT Grand Final, and Mark Goodwin, who was the GUKPT player of the year.

Both Foltyn and Goodwin made the final table of the Champion of Champions, but neither could claim the top spot.

Goodwin went into the final as the chip leader and took out the first four players, including Foltyn. He would eventually fall to David Rudling in third place.

That knockout gave Rudling the chip lead going into heads-up play against Hussain, but Hussain could not be stomped out.

He made his way back into the thick of it, and then on the final hand, Hussain limped, Rudling bet $45,000, and Hussain called. Rudling moved all-in as the flop was being dealt before even seeing the 2-J-T hit the felt.

Hussain called with J-8, which was enough to dominate Rudling's pocket nines. When the rest of the board came J-5, the tournament was over.

The Champion of Champions tournament will return on the 2009 GUKPT as well. Next year it will be even bigger, with a £100,000 prize pool.

Take a look at how the 2009 GUKPT schedule is shaping up:

Event Location Festival Dates Main Event
Leg 1 Brighton Jan. 12-18 Jan. 15-18
Leg 2 Walsall Feb. 21-March 1 Feb. 26-March 1
Leg 3 London March 19-29 March 26-29
Leg 4 Manchester April 18-26 April 23-26
Leg 5 Newcastle May 18-24 May 21-24
Summer Series 1 Bolton June 11-14 June 13-14
Summer Series 2 Aberdeen June 18-21 June 20-21
Summer Series 3 Walsall June 25-28 June 27-28
Leg 6 Luton Aug. 1-9 Aug. 6-9
Leg 7 Cardiff Aug. 31-Sept. 6 Sept. 3-6
Leg 8 Thanet Oct. 12-18 Oct. 15-18
Leg 9 Blackpool Nov. 7-15 Nov. 12-15
Grand Final London Nov. 19-29 Nov. 26-29
Champion of Champions Luton Nov. 30-Dec. 6 Dec. 5-6

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