As online poker flourishes, number of players exceeds 1.5 million

Online poker boom causes nearly GBP100m wagers every day.

Online poker boom causes nearly GBP100m (USD 191m) wagers every day. Some little-known internet poker companies may worth GBP1bn (USD1,323bn). According to the latest examination, more than 1,5 million people play online poker in the world.

A thousands of players are spending their money gambling online, many internet casinos are increasing their income. Thus, British internet betting company Sportingbet, which owns one of the world's largest poker websites Paradise Poker, was only worth GBP164m. The entire poker market is now estimated to be worth GBP1bn on the stock market.

Poker used to be a men's game featuring in Hollywood movies. However, today people flock internet poker resources and they may indulge in gambling 24 hours. According to an online poker monitoring service, Pokerpulse Belfast Telegraph, at 3pm afternoon February 22, there were more than 28,000 people playing online poker games around the world,.

More than GBP94m has been wagered in online poker games in the past 24 hours alone and punters have walked away with a total prize money of around GBP69m in the past 18 months. On Paradise Poker's site, there are more than 800,000 players and 10 games are played on the site every second. The company makes GBP141,620 a day from poker and has turned its owners in to millionaires.

Mark Griffiths, a professor specialising in addiction at Nottingham Trent University, explains the advantages of poker over other computer games: "There are other online casino games available for punters, such as roulette and slot machine games. But many people are turned off by the idea of betting their money against a machine, or a pre-rigged computer programme. What is attractive about online poker is you are going head-to-head with other punters. It is a game where you use your own skills. You don't bet against 'the house', you are playing directly against your opponents. That sense of competition is hugely attractive."

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