Ari Engel crushes opposition at WSOPC

Alan Engel

The final table of the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Event 3 at Caesars Atlantic City was not much of a contest. Ari Engel dominated the action from start to finish and walked away with $63,018 in prize money.

Ari Engel came to the final day of the $300+$40 No-Limit Hold'em tournament as a major chip leader, and it was obvious he would not let anyone come near him. The 23-year-old poker pro from Brooklyn, N.Y., had an amazing run of cards, and eliminated seven of his eight remaining rivals single-handedly.

The busting-out bonanza started early on when Engels's pocket kings held up against Mike Beasly's A-Q. Chris Bonham then knocked Anthony "Big Cat" Erekat, before Engel sent the rest of the field packing, one by one.

In the final hand, Engel showed once and for all that it was his tournament. Chris Bonham moved all-in after the flop came 8-7-6, and Engel called. Bonham showed A-8 for top par, while Engel flipped over A-9 for an open-ended straight draw.

Engel didn't get his straight, instead hitting a nine on the turn, and won the hand with nines over Bonham's eights. The tournament was over, and Ari Engel had won the WSOPC title and $63,018.

The final tournament results are as follows:

1st Ari Engel $63,018
2nd Chris Bonham $33,026
3rd Bruce Wayne Miller $18,672
4th Francesco Sale $16,338
5th Clayton Matthews $14,004
6th Peter Horenstein $11,670
7th J.T. "J-Sleeze" Moody $9,336
8th Tony "Big Cat" Erekat $7,002
9th Mike Beasley $4,668

In total, 778 players entered the tournament.

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