APT Macau courts Michael Phelps

Phelps at Festa
Is Michael Phelps a fish?

The Asian Poker Tour has officially invited 14-time Olympic Gold Medal winning swimmer Michael Phelps to Macau for the second time.

The 12-day Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival is set to run August 12-23 at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau, featuring a HK$34,400 buy-in Main Event.

Phelps, who final tabled a $1,570 buy-in event at the Caesars Poker Classic last year and has professed his love for the game numerous times, is currently at the FINA world swimming championships in Rome, Italy.

However, the APT is pleading with the man they call "the human dolphin" to hop out of the pool and onto the felt.

"Last year you were in Beijing for the Olympics and we encouraged you to head down to the Asian Poker Tour Macau event at the StarWorld," an open letter from the APT to the U.S. swimmer reads. "We heard positive noises, but there was no sign of the human dolphin when they called 'shuffle up and deal.'"

"We would like to extend this invite once again for you to come, all expenses paid, and take part in this showpiece poker event."

There was no confirmation on whether Phelps even received the invitation from the APT in 2008, but that hasn't stopped the organization from trying to land the swimming sensation again this year.

"Forget the controversy about suit changes in your sport, concentrate on these suits: spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts," the letter reads.

"The question remains is the newly rejuvenated human dolphin really a fish? We hope to find out."

Full details on APT Macau and the entire tour can be found at www.asianpt.com.

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