APPT Sydney Title Stays in Australia

Aaron Benton

For the third straight year an Australian took top honors at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Sydney Grand Final this weekend.

PokerStars online qualifier Aaron Benton outlasted 395 players to win a first place prize of $594,000 (AUD) in the Star City-hosted event.

"I used to play more for the entertainment in pub games, but I'm loving my poker and I wanted to take it to the next level," Benton said after his victory.

The 32-year-old recruitment consultant from Wollongong, New South Wales, had to get by well-known players like Mark Vos, Tony “bond18” Dunst and Joe Hachem before making it to the final table, which included Australian veteran Leo Boxell.

Boxell was eventually eliminated third and the final showdown was between Benton and fellow online qualifier Ernst Hermans from the Netherlands.

In the decisive hand of the tournament Herman open-shoved with 9-8 and Benton insta-called with pocket kings. The kings held up and Benton won his first APPT title.

The APPT Sydney Grand final has been won by an Australian in all three years of its existence. Last year Sydney local Martin Rowe outlasted 476 players to win $1 million (AUD).

APPT Sydney also marked the end to the third season of the tour. Winners were crowned in Australia, China, New Zealand and the Philippines although the Korean stop was postponed indefinitely due to construction of the venue.

Details for season four will soon be available on the APPT website and if last year was any indication the first event will likely take place this summer.

Here are the final table payouts for the $6,300 (AUD) buy-in APPT Sydney:

1. Aaron Benton - $594,000 (AUD)
2. Ernst Hermans - $381,000 (AUD)
3. Leo Boxell - $213,840 (AUD)
4. Wayne Carlson - $166,320 (AUD)
5. Tom Grigg - $130,680 (AUD)
6. Andrew Hiscox - $106,920 (AUD)
7. Barry Forrester - $83,160 (AUD)
8. David Formosa - $65,340 (AUD)
9. Thomas Slifka - $47,520 (AUD)

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