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Play Texas Hold'em on your smartphone with Appeak
Appeak Poker

Appeak Poker Brings Professional Grade Poker App to iPhone and Android

Looking to get into online poker? The Appeak Poker app for iPhone and Android is the ultimate way to get started. With over 100,000 active users and a relaxed environment, Appeak Poker gives new users a way to learn the game without having to risk real money. Unlike numerous competing products, Appeak Poker is a straightforward poker product that won’t bog you down with flashy ads or constant requests to buy more chips. Appeak Poker is 100% free and offers clean, fast software with tons of No-Limit Hold’em games to choose from. You also still have plenty of options as you can customize your avatar or play with a four-color deck.

Despite the fact that Appeak Poker is free, there’s some great competition in the upper stages of the game and the constantly updated leaderboard offers serious motivation for players looking to elevate their game. Appeak runs five-handed games so you’ll be looking at a ton more action than you get in traditional nine-handed play. 

Tired of cash games? Fire up a Sit & Go and try to outlast your opponents in a winner-take-all tournament. Since play money is the only currency on Appeak Poker it’s a great way to get used to the speed and skill level of online poker. If you want a pure poker experience that offers all the excitement of real poker, then you should check out Appeak Poker.
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Free Download and Free to Play 

Appeak Poker is 100% free and the only currency on the site is play money. You get 1,000 chips to start if you are a guest or 10,000 if you register, which is also free. What if you use up all your chips? Every day that you log into Appeak Poker you will be awarded with another 1,000 chips. It shouldn’t be that hard to build your bankroll up in very little time once you add your 1,000 daily boost to your winnings.
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Daily Bonuses and Fast Gameplay

Thanks to its streamlined software Appeak Poker offers one of the fastest online poker experiences available on mobile platforms. Appeak eschews fancy 3D graphics for a rock-solid interface that allows you to get in and get playing in record time. There are also daily bonuses and achievements to help motivate you to improve your game. Take control of the Appeak leaderboard!
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Thousands of Users from Around the World

Appeak Poker is a truly global application and because it’s only play money you can play from nearly every country in the world. Thousands of players from the USA, Canada, England and many more compete on a daily basis. Unlike competing apps, Appeak is open to iPhone and Android devices so almost everyone can play. It’s an even playing field!

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