AOL dabbling in U.K. online gambling

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AOL and FLUXX, one of Europe's specialists in the gaming market, have joined forces to market online sports betting in the United Kingdom.

Using a betting platform from JAXX, the British subsidiary of FLUXX, AOL's U.K. customers will now be able to place bets on international horse races and other sporting events. JAXX will be responsible for setting the odds and providing the editorial content of the betting platform for AOL.

The partnership isn't limited to sports betting either. The two companies plan to develop their partnership and consider offering other services in the future.

"As part of our mission to make the AOL U.K. portal the premier online destination for Web users and advertisers alike, we are looking at a range of partnerships and initiatives to drive our business forward in Europe," said Michael Steckler, AOL Europe vice president interactive marketing.

"Linking up with FLUXX fits that strategy perfectly. Their wealth of ideas and experience in the betting business will bring additional energy and diversity to our offering both here in the U.K. and across other European countries."

AOL has already taken on some other areas of online gambling as well. The company already has a partnership with JAXX to provide a lottery service in Germany. They've been operating in the country since 2003, and the lottery is one of AOL Germany's most successful e-commerce services.

In April, AOL dipped its toe a little deeper in the online poker world by partnering up with Harrah's Entertainment to give away nine seats to the 2007 Yahoo U.K. Tests Internet Poker Waters

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