Antonius pwns Mafews, LarsLuzak sees losses

Patrik Antonius

This week in the world of high-stakes online poker has been a tale of two Finns.

Countrymen Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro and Patrik "Bet You Wish You Were Me" Antonius have been at it big, albeit on opposite ends of the No-Limit Texas Hold'em luck scale.

Antonius vaulted over Phil Ivey on the list of yearly leaders in the Texas Hold'em games, posting winnings to date of slightly more than $500k. He currently sits just one rung below Tom "durrrr" Dwan on the big board.

LarsLuzak, on the other hand, is quickly entering lady marmelade territory. In 2008, lady marmelade long led the list of losers, and wound up posting millions of dollars in online poker losses in Hold'em by year end.

LarsLuzak is already bobbing more than $1.1 million below the break-even point less than one month into play. According to the MarketPulse, that's nearly triple the losses of any other online poker player in the world!

One of the biggest losses for LarsLuzak translated into one of Antonius' biggest wins.  That hand was a classic case of a small pair versus big slick. In this instance LarsLuzak was holding A K in the big blind while Antonius had 5 5 in the small.

The 5 K A flop found both players with what they surely thought were monster hands. However, it took the 7 turn to get the heavy action going.

LarsLuzak led out with an $11k bet, only to be reraised to $38,000 by Antonius. LarsLuzak called with aces-up.

When the river revealed 3, Antonius came out firing with a $78k bet, which prompted LarsLuzak to go all-in. Antonius called, quickly turned over his set of fives and waltzed away from the table with $327,602 worth of his good friend's cake.

That wasn't the biggest win of the week for Antonius, however. That was saved for a monster $500/$1,000 heads-up No-Limit Texas Hold'em win over Edinburgh, Scotland's Rory "Mafews" Matthews.

Matthews' biggest poker credits to date include a first-place finish at the Scottish Poker Open. He started playing poker online at the 25¢/50¢ small-stakes tables. It's fair to say the days of small stakes are gone for good for the Scotsman.

In the pot in question the action got off to an early start after the T 9 5 flop.  Antonius check-raised to $21k, only to be reraised to $43k by Matthews.

The J turn had Antonius all-in, with Mafews right behind him. It was Antonius who was once again well out in front with his T 9 and top two pair dominating Mafews's own two pair of nines and fives.

A Q on the river changed nothing other than the size of Antonius' bankroll. He added another $429,997 to his winnings in the biggest online poker pot of the week and the fourth-largest of the year to date.

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