Antonius impersonated, stalked

Patrik Antonius
'He's been following me pretty closely and knows what I've been doing.'

Someone has been impersonating Patrik Antonius on Twitter and the Finnish poker pro is clearly concerned.

It's unknown who is behind the Twitter account (#patrik_antonius), but Antonius released a media alert through that claimed he is also worried the impersonator may be stalking him.

The surprisingly tech-savvy Doyle Brunson first alerted Antonius to the Tweets.

"He's been following me pretty closely and knows what I've been doing, so one might think they are actually written by me," Antonius said.

"Doyle was offended because he thought I had written something like, 'I played with Doyle last night and beat him easily.'"

The most troubling part of the situation is that the impersonator seems to know when Antonius comes and goes from places like Bobby's Room at the Bellagio.

Antonius went on to say that he's a private person and has no interest in owning a Twitter account.

"I had never heard of Twitter before this summer," Antonius said. "I don't even know how it works."

Apparently there are more than a few people pretending to be Antonius as the social networking site Facebook is crawling with fake profiles for the famous Finn.

"It's not good publicity for me if someone is pretending to be me and posts stuff that isn't even true," he said. "The same goes for Facebook, too.

"I hope the poker community gets this message. I have nothing to do with these Twitter entries and they are written without my permission."

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