Antonius, IHateJuice Renew Rivalry

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius took on rival IHateJuice in a 1,668-hand monster session on Full Tilt Poker last night.

As usual Antonius and IHateJuice played exclusively heads-up Limit Hold’em, this time at $3,000/$6,000 stakes.

The session got off to a hot start when IHateJuice stomped Antonius for $241k on one table. Not to be outdone, Antonius would battle back and completely erase IHateJuice’s early win in less than 50 hands.

This seemed to kick-start one of the most spectacular sessions Antonius and IHateJuice have ever played.

The action came to a head when IHateJuice destroyed Antonius at one table for $493k but Antonius mitigated his losses by quickly winning $385k at another table.

In the end, after wagering millions of dollars against each other, IHateJuice escaped with a relatively minor $73k victory.

Meanwhile Isildur1 was once again wowing railbirds on PokerStars after playing several thousand hands on the site.

After getting stacked in the early stages of the night, Isildur1 laid a world-class beating on PepperoniF in $25/$50 Pot-Limit Omaha.

PepperoniF appeared to bust his Full Tilt account before Isildur1 finally left with a $60k profit.

In other high stakes news Urindanger ($76k), airic1400 ($40k), URnotINdanger2 ($33k) were all amongst the biggest winners while Gus Hansen (-$72k), O Fortuna PLS (-$59k) and Rui Cao (-$22k) had forgettable nights.

Check below for some of the biggest hands from the Patrik Antonius and IHateJuice or go to our online stats section for more information.


Patrik Antonius wins a monster pot.


IHateJuice strikes back.


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