Antonius, Hansen to play $200k tennis match

Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius and Gus Hansen are about to clash again, but this time on the tennis court, and they're ready to make it interesting: each player is putting down $100,000 on their skills.

Both Patrik Antonius and Gus Hansen were promising tennis players in their younger years, so most like it will be an even-matched and well-played contest.

The two played a little tennis against each other for fun during the European Poker Tour finals in Monte Carlo, and Antonius has great respect for his opponent.

"I could tell that Gus is a really good player. Right now he is in better shape so I have to prepare myself, but I believe in my chances. I'm at least sure that it will be a very tough game," Antonius said according to the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet.

The original plan was for the match to be played in March or April, but since Antonius suffered a minor neck injury, and Hansen had some problems with his hand, it has been postponed, and will probably take place in the fall.

While no exact date for the game has been revealed, Antonius is reporting the match will most likely be televised due to the great interest.

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