Antonius Disassembles deprimiert for $400k

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Finnish poker pro Patrik Antonius took apart Limit specialist deprimiert last night.

The pair played 605 hands of $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold’em on Full Tilt Poker and Antonius was essentially unstoppable.

The session marked the second time in barely a week that Antonius has dominated deprimiert. Last week Antonius beat deprimiert for $306k.

Antonius did get some help from the cards, flopping a straight with 3-5 in a $50k pot and then rivering a straight with 6-7 in another huge hand.

After a little over three hours, the pair finally decided to call it a night. By that time Antonius had racked up $391k in winnings.

Despite the victory, Antonius is still up only $74,000 in September thanks to losses accrued earlier this week.

Meanwhile the losses are starting to mount for deprimiert, who is rumored to be a German Limit Hold’em expert. At one point last month deprimiert was up over $200k but he’s already down $259,667 in September alone.

Noted CardRunners instructor Brian Hastings is the biggest winner in the month of September thus far with $458k in profit. The majority of Hastings' winnings have come from Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

Here’s a couple of the biggest pots from the Patrik Antonius/deprimiert session last night. Be sure to check out our online poker stats section for more information.


All Patrik Antonius, all the way.


deprimiert finds a sliver of redemption.


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