Antigua will present oral arguments to WTO later this month

Antigua and Barbuda will continue its dispute case against the United States' online gambling laws by presenting its oral submissions to the World Trade Organization (WTO) later this month.

The oral arguments are the next step in a very structured process of settling disputes through the WTO. Antingua and the United States have both already submitted their written arguments.

The United States has declared itself in compliance with the WTO's original ruling that it must change its laws in regard to online gambling businesses such as online casino and poker rooms in order to conform to the trade agreements the nation made when it joined the WTO. However, Antigua and Barbuda disputes that declaration and believes the U.S. is even further from compliance now.

Antigua and Barbuda has already rebutted the United States' written submission, and the United States will get a chance to rebut the rebuttal before the WTO panel formally convenes at the end of November to hear arguments from both sides.

Antigua and Barbuda recently met with other countries in Europe as well who could lend support to their cause. The European Union and Japan are involved as third parties who have declared an interest in the case and will also have the opportunity to submit arguments to the WTO panel.

British Sports Minister Richard Caborn has also commented to the media that Britain is sympathetic to Antigua and Barbuda's case and is eager to see a resolution. He said the resolution of the case would be a "landmark decision."

If the WTO rules that the United States is still not in compliance, it could be punished through trade sanctions from Antigua and Barbuda and possibly the third parties who've expressed an interest in the case.

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