Anti-Online Poker Bill Fails Again in Congress

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An attempt by Sen. Lindsay Graham to sneak an anti-online gambling amendment through congress has been defeated.

Ultimately the bill fell apart when the House of Representatives opted to avoid including anti-online gambling language in the original bill on Tuesday.

Graham’s amendment would have effectively banned all online poker in the USA including regulated and non-regulated sites.

Charlie Dent Withdraws Bill

It’s not like there weren’t supporters of the anti-online gambling amendment.

Anti-online gambling advocate Sheldon Adelson

Yesterday Rep. Charlie Dent tried again to get anti-online gambling language written into an amendment.

Dent eventually decided to withdraw his amendment.

The Poker Players Alliance saw it as a victory for online poker in the USA.

“We win. RAWA loses. Thank you for taking action to defeat this effort,” said PPA spokesperson John Pappas.

RAWA (Restoration of America’s Wire Act) is the name for the original Sheldon Adelson-backed bill that came to light several years ago.

Congressional supporters of Adelson have attempted to sneak anti-online gambling legislation through congress several times but have thus far been defeated at every turn.

Several people testified against RAWA over the course of the last few days and the PPA is urging poker players to be vigilant as it’s likely this isn’t the last time that Adelson-backed politicians will try and pass anti-online gambling legislation.

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