Ante up for the World Series of Po...Golf

Phil Ivey

Poker stars Phil Ivey and Ram Vaswani now have a chance to settle their golfing dispute once and for all. The World Series of Golf (WSOG) will be played at the Primm Valley Golf Club in Las Vegas May 13-16.

Just like the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the World Series of Golf will have a $10,000 buy-in. The maximum number of entrants is set to 180, and the prize pool will be at least $750,000 with a $250,000 first prize.

What makes the WSOG special is the betting format, which is taken directly from the poker world.

Each player starts with $10,000 and antes $100 on the first hole, and everyone is assigned a number in a rotation that determines the hitting and betting order for the rest of the hole and round.

When everyone has made their first shot, the player who lead out starts the betting, and then the rest of the group follows.

The options are, just like in poker, to check, bet, raise or fold, and since the WSOG is played in a no-limit format, you are free to move all-in if you hit a really good shot. When you fold, you only lose what you have bet to that point.

In the WSOG you only play against your group and not against the field. After the first round, handicaps are in play, and the player who wins the hole takes the pot. If a hole is tied, the pot is split.

"The trick is to know when to play and when to fold. When there's so much money involved, that 5-foot putt for birdie gets a whole lot longer," Tom Meeks, the event's director of rules and competition told USA Today.

Players get knocked out when they don't have enough money to place the ante, and since the ante doubles every three holes it gets tougher the longer the tournaments lasts. For hole 16-18, the ante will be $3,200.

The tournament is over when one player has all the money. Whether this player is the best golfer in the world or not will probably be disputed.

The World Series of Golf will be shown on NBC on June 23-24.

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