Another one bites the dust: One more poker club shut down by NYPD

Yet another illegal poker den was busted by the NYPD last week when the Ace Point Backgammon and Chess Studio was discovered after a neighbor placed a 911 call complaining of rowdiness and excessive noise at 328 E. 61st Street.

Housed in a private apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side, the gaming club saw seven of its dealers arrested on counts of "promoting gambling". None of the thirty players found in the apartment at the time of the bust were arrested as it is not illegal to play poker in New York, rather it is illegal to profit from promoting it. All of the clientele were released after background checks were conducted, inlcuding Sopranos' star Robert Iler (Tony Sopranos' son), who unfortunately walked into the club with two friends in the midst of the raid.

This is the fourth Manhattan poker parlor to be raided in the last six months. Just last week The Broadway Club in Chelsea was busted, and in May thirty-nine employees were arrested and $100,000 seized after police raided the two biggest clubs in the city - the Players Club and Play Station. Police officials are attempting to crack down on illegal poker clubs, which have been surfacing more frequently recently as a result of the increasing popularity of poker.

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