And the Award for Poker Entrepreneur of the Year Goes To ...

Poker's new Most Important Person

The first American Poker Awards were held at a posh hotel in Beverly Hills this past Saturday.

As always when it comes to the United States of America, a hundred or so awards were awarded.

You can find all the awarded here.

The Editor of wanted me to write about the APAs and Alexandre Dreyfus, whom he assumed that I had met.

I assume so, too, but I do not recall it. There are many shiny, smiling billiard balls rolling around in the world today.

Fast Becoming Poker MIP

But I really should make a mental note of what Alexandre Dreyfus looks like. He is fast becoming one of the most important people in the poker world.

After successfully selling the poker sites Winamax (in 2006) and Chilipoker (in 2012) he has moved on to a very interesting project.

alex dreyfus 1
A task long overdue.

His vision is to sportify poker. While I do not consider poker a sport, I still applaud his attempt.

The task is long overdue and could be a major step in making poker more legit, so to speak.

He bought the Global Poker Index in 2012 as the kickoff. The GPI is an attempt to be a serious ranking system for poker players. Find the GPI here.

Hendon Mob, Fantasy Poker Manager, European Poker Awards, American Poker Awards, Global Poker Conference, Global Poker Masters, Global Poker League.

These are other brands Dreyfus started, bought or has a slice in. Very impressive and I truly wish him good luck in sportifying poker

This will lead to a more united poker world, and we really need that. I hope it will also lead to less dominance from some of the online poker companies. It has been almost embarrassing for the whole industry over the years.

All Three Were Nominated, Of Course

The European Poker Awards have been awarded since 2001. I have never paid any attention to the spectacle.

In the beginning the scene was so small that you really had to scramble to find winners. It seems like everybody received a prize the first few years.

Not the biggest scene in Sweden then.

But I am sure all winners have their trophy on the honoree shelf in their living room.

It reminds me of “Pokerakademien” arranged by the Swedish monopoly Svenska Spel back in the day. It was a poker seminar with some awards as well.

If you know how small the European scene was you can imagine how small the Swedish scene was.

Well, that hasn't stopped a Swedish poker writer from reminding us that he was nominated as “Poker Writer of the Year” as recently as this very Sunday.

He probably has forgotten that being nominated but not winning was like finishing last, since there were only three writers on the Swedish poker scene.

All three were nominated, of course.

Humbly and gracefully he congratulated his friend for winning the prestigious prize in his little piece a couple of days ago where he just happened to mention a little something about his great achievements.

Bigger Hopes for American Poker Awards

Daniel Negreanu
Easy pick.

The “Spelakademien” only lasted two years since the winner of the “Poker Personality of the Year” refused to show up at the gala to accept the prize because he was against the monopoly.

At least they got it right - he has personality. The winner the year before ... not so much.

He has since fallen out of grace after he was exposed as a fraudster when his poker site made all the player funds disappear.

The European Awards unfortunately went downhill from a ridiculous start. You basically had to sit in PokerStars' lap to win an award.

I truly feel it is a disgrace to the European poker community how the PokerStars person always beat out the other nominees year after year.

I have bigger hopes for the American Poker Awards. Next year, that is. This year it was the usual suspects who were awarded.

Daniel Negreanu for best hair. Vanessa Selbst for best dressed. And so on.

The Price of Being a Successful Entrepreneur

The award for “Breakout Player of the Year” was awarded to Dan Colman after his record-breaking year winning the The Big One for One Drop and three other major tournaments to the tune of over $20.

Alexandre Dreyfus
Catalyst for a much-needed unity in poker.

Just kidding. The award went to Brandon Shack-Harris.

The prize for “Industry Person of the Year” should, of course, have gone to Alexandre Dreyfus.

But you can't award yourself at your own award ceremony.

That is the price of being a successful entrepreneur.

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