An afternoon of high-stakes Hold'em

Patrik Antonius
Not a good day for Patrik Antonius.

It was high-stakes regulars durrrr, Patrik Antonius and trex313 versus up and comers theASHMAN103, rospodin, POKERBLUFFS and kingsofcards in some massive midday action on Full Tilt yesterday.

The only true high-stakes action seen online at all Friday, it all went down in the afternoon with a couple of $500/$1,000 No Limit Hold'em tables lighting up.

Half of the players were the million-dollar ballers, while the other half were unknowns and, somewhat surprisingly, it was the newbies who fared best.

Both kingsofcards and David "POKERBLUFFS" Eldar made over $100k and while Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin had a losing session dropping $13k, that was just pocket change compared to Antonius's $205k loss.

In the meantime, everyone's favorite online superstar Tom "durrrr" Dwan managed to make a $100k profit, even after losing the two largest pots of the session.

The biggest pot, worth over $207k, saw Dwan get it all in after hitting a 12-out combo draw holding 3 7 on a 10 5 4 flop.

Despite swinging for the fence, Dwan missed both draws, giving the Ferrari-sized pot to the pocket kings held by the aptly named kingsofcards.

Continuing his pattern of playing weak hands for raises, Dwan raised 5 7 from the button a little later, hitting an almost-perfect 7 6 4 flop.

His opponent, knowing Dwan plays any two, called the flop bet sharing Dwan's top pair with J 7.

The turn brought the 2, giving rospodin a flush draw with his top pair and that was all the incentive he needed to raise all in.

Dwan called, the river bricked, and the $198k pot was shipped to the unknown rospodin.

The three-hour session was peppered with a number of $100k pots, all of which you can find in our MarketPulse section.

Here are the three largest:

Why you don't play 3-7.

Why you don't play 5-7.

Antonius gets set up.

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