Straight-flush Shayesteh tops Bay 101 WPT

Amir Shayesteh

A jack-high straight flush to knock out Chiwai Ng gave Amir Shayesteh a flying start to Day 3 of the Bay 101 Shooting Star in San Jose. He then continued to slaughter his way through the field and will be chip leader when the final table of the World Poker Tour event starts at 5 p.m. (PDT).

Amir Shayesteh was absolutely merciless throughout the day, and especially so when the players started closing in on the final table. Jeff Madsen and Joe Sebok, who topped the field after Day 2, both suffered Shayesteh's poker wrath.

In the Live Tournaments Section, reporter Owen Laukkanen vividly describes the astonishing developments:

"We've got our final six, but seriously, how did this happen? Jeff Madsen entered the dinner break second in chips, with Joe Sebok right behind him. Now Madsen's on the rail and Sebok is right behind, both courtesy of Amir "God of Poker" Shayesteh, who busted both cats."

Madsen was eliminated in eighth place, when Shayesteh made a flush on the turn, and Sebok busted out on the final televised table bubble when he flopped a pair of kings and moved all-in, only to find Shayesteh sitting with two pair, kings and queens.

Earlier in Day 3 of the WPT tournament, Amir Shayesteh had knocked out the following players: Mark Micklich, Chiwai Ng, Kevin O'Boyle, Kyle Wilson, Hans "Tuna" Lund and Ed Pellegrini.

Some players actually were eliminated without Shayesteh getting involved, including big names like Erik Seidel, J.C. Tran and David Williams.

Amir Shayesteh will come to the final table as chip leader with $2,731,000, but it won't be an easy ride to win the title and the $1,100,000 first prize. Tough and experienced opponents like Ted Forrest, James Van Alstyne and Bill Edler will certainly give Shayesteh a run for the money.

The final table starts at 5 p.m. (PDT), and as usual you can follow all the action in our Live Tournaments Section. This is the setup:

1Ted Forrest$2,006,000
2 James Van Alstyne $1,139,000
3 Joanne Liu $966,000
4 Vincent Shaw $1,518,000
5 Amir Shayesteh $2,731,000
6 Bill Edler $638,000

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