American Poker Player Championship to put Binion's back on map

Organizers of the American Poker Player Championship at Binion's Horseshoe Gambling Hall and Hotel are hoping their intense efforts to produce the 14-day inaugural event result in it becoming the second largest tournament in poker, the Las Vegas Sun said Wednesday.

The original home of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Binion's lost its luster after the rights of the WSOP were sold to Harrah's several years ago. The Las Vegas landmark is now hoping the first ever American Poker Player Championship, which debuts next week, will put it at the top of the poker radar.

"We plan on turning this into the second-largest event in poker," said Cary Davis, 57, to the Sun. Davis is president of Las Vegas-based Omni Media & Entertainment, which owns the tournament and is producing it together with Binion's.

"The idea is to plug the hole where the World Series of Poker was," Davis continued. "We see this becoming an annual tournament, fitting into the slot where the World Series of Poker used to be, which was April into May."

The American Poker Player Championship will run from May 10-24 and will host 29 events.

Please see American Poker Player Championship for further details on the series.

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